How To Build Shelves In Closet


JUMP TO STEPS. Measure the back and side walls. Cut the back and side wall shelf supports. Cut the bottom shelf supports. Cut the shelves. Cut side pieces for the central shelf unit. Measure and cut square shelves. Assemble the central shelf unit. Position the unit in the closet..

How to Build Closet Shelves. To build the cubbies, first you need to build three simple shelves spanning the closet. Attaching the shelves to the wall is easy. All you need are some inexpensive boards. Nail each support into the studs on each side wall of the closet and then set the shelf boards in place.. Cut inch shelf supports to fit the back and side walls of the closet. Locate the studs in the walls on all sides. Attach the supports for the top shelf to the walls with their top edges inches above the floor using wood screws driven into the wall studs..If your closet lacks organization, you may want to take advantage of unused wall space by installing shelves. Shelving is available in all shapes and sizes, and finding the shelves that best fit your space is a simple matter of assessing the space and determining how it can best fit your needs..This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to maximize closet space with plywood shelves and boxes. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build a storage system for a walk in closet. How to Build Walk in Closet Storage. Tools List for Building Walk in Closet Storage..

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